Restore confidence with a refreshing waxing session.

* All prices in AED

Eyebrows 40AED
Upper Lip 20AED
Eyebrows and Upperlip 50AED
Lower Lip / Chin 30AED
Face Sides 40AED
Neck 30AED
Forehead 30AED
Full Face Including Neck 125AED
Eye Grooming
Eyelash Tint 100AED
Eyebrow tint 40AED
Eyelash Extension From  500AED
Eyelash Refill From 300AED
Half Set 300AED
Make-Up From 200AED
Lycon Regular
Full Face (Excluding Eyebrows) 85AED 75AED
Full Face (With Eyebrows) 130AED 100AED
Eyebrows 50AED 40AED
Chin 35AED 25AED
Eyebrows and Upperlip 65AED 55AED
Upper or Lower Lip with Chin 60AED 40AED
Nostrils 40AED 35AED
Face Sides 40AED 30AED
Fore Head 40AED 30AED
Full body 410AED 380AED
Full Back 135AED 110AED
Half Back 70AED 50AED
Stomach 90AED 80AED
Full Legs 130AED 100AED
Half Legs Upper Or Lower 80AED 70AED
Under Arms 45AED 40AED
Full Arms 100AED 75AED
Half Arm Lower or Upper 55AED 35AED
Bikini Line 80AED 50AED
Full Brazilian 130AED 100AED
Buttocks 55AED 40AED

Waxing Salon Services

Smooth, hair-free skin is easy to achieve, with a full range of Lycon and regular wax services offered by L’atelier, the premier waxing salon in Dubai. We offer a variety of waxing services, in order to cater to the different facial and body grooming needs of our esteemed clientele. Whether you need an expertly trained Brazilian wax specialist, or an experienced Lycon wax professional, our team of beauty therapists can help you.

Come into L’atelier & experience a virtually pain free-Brazilian waxing session

At L’atelier, we fully understand that undergoing a wax session can be a delicate experience for our female clientele, especially for first-timers. As such, our beauty therapists will carefully guide you through the procedure, so you know what to expect, and we can tailor the experience to your specific needs and expectations. Rest assured that your comfort and safety is our utmost priority throughout the process.

Our waxing salon in Dubai has meticulously handpicked top-rated hair removal products, such as Lycon wax, as these are proven and tested to effectively and safely remove unwanted facial and body hair, even in intimate areas, with as minimal discomfort as possible. This ensures we can perform intimate waxing procedures, such as Brazilian waxing in Dubai, with ease and superior comfort for our clients.

Enjoy the best waxing salon experience at L’atelier

Aside from popular hair removal procedures like Brazilian waxing in Dubai, we offer other essential in-salon beauty and grooming procedures, such as threading and eye grooming. If you wish to define the shape of your eyebrows, or highlight your eyes with long-lasting eyelash extensions, our full array of grooming services is ideal for you.

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Do you wish to know more about our in-salon waxing services? Please feel to give us a call today and let us know your queries, so we can immediately provide you with the information you need.